Registers of qualifications

The 2018 version of the Hungarian Qualifications Register includes the name, classification level, thematic field, description and duration of obtainment of qualifications classified in the HuQF and also having an EQF level, as well as the institutions issuing the qualifications. The register can be used to search for qualifications at the time of its publication:


HUQF/EQF level

Set the scale of the HuQF/EQF level of relevant qualifications (e.g. Secondary school leaving exam is level 4).


Specify your search by a keyword of the description or learning outcomes of a qualification.


Narrow your search by the international classification of ISCED FOET 2013 thematic fields. You may select more than one field.


Select the educational sub-system of your interest.

HuQF/EQF level


In Hungary, the register of qualifications is currently not available in a single database. Currently available databases:

1. Vocational Education and Training Information System

According to Section 111 of Act LXXX of 2019 on Vocational Education and Training, the Vocational Education and Training Information System (Szakképzési Információs Rendszer, SZIR) is a database of applications, datasets, documentation serving administrative and professional activities, as well as national statistical and entitlement-based data reporting software, which is composed of professional systems and their subsystems.

VET Information System

2. Higher Education Information System

The central register of the Higher Education Information System (Felsőoktatási Információs Rendszer, FIR) integrates the institutional and personal data of higher education into a single information system, that is centrally available on one platform.

Information on higher education courses can be found on the FELVI website.