With regard to the upper secondary school-leaving exam certificates, on the basis of an expert analysis, the Government set out the HuQF level in a decree.

Regarding the former National Vocational Qualifications Register, classifications in the Government Decree was also preceded by the work carried out by experts. In the case of new or modified vocational qualifications, a comparison (content, field of work, level) is made with the previously classified qualifications in the given sector and level. The HuQF level of the of the new or modified vocational qualification is based on this comparison.

In the case of adult training, an expert committee operated by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry defines the HuQF level during the adoption process of professional program requirements – on the basis of a pre-compiled methodological guide.

In higher education, during the accreditation process of an academic degree program, the Hungarian Accreditation Committee examines the compliance with the HuQF levels.

Qualifications in the HuQF

1st level completed 6th grade at primary school
2nd level completed 8th grade at primary school
lower secondary vocational qualification
qualification after second chance programme
3rd level completed 10th grade at secondary school
vocational qualification (full, partial, add-on)
4th level upper secondary school leaving certificate
upper secondary vocational qualification (full, partial, add-on)
5th level advanced-level vocational qualification (full, add-on, technician)
higher education short-cycle qualification
6th level BA/BSc degree in higher education
post-graduate specialisation
vocational qualification with a prerequisite higher education degree
7th level MA/MSc degree in higher education
post-graduate specialisation
8th level Doctoral degree (PhD/DLA)
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